Welcome to Vital Supply. My name is Bob Makowski owner and sole employee. Having spent almost my entire life in the outdoors and over 30 years in law enforcement and private investigative work I have a fairly good idea about the type and quality of equipment it takes to survive everything from a day of camping to a lethal gunfight.

The business was started in 1979 selling survival food and a year later progressed to a full gun shop, Class III automatic weapons and a cartridge reloading business. This continued until the late 1990s when the business was scaled back to firearm accessories, survival gear and shooting instruction. During this time I was employed as a full time police officer with Dallas, Texas, Rochester, NH and later NH State Probation/Parole. After retiring from law enforcement work in 2002 I worked as a private investigator until 2007. From 1991 until the present I have also been a NRA Firearms Instructor, 4H Firearms Instructor and run tactical shooting, concealed carry and personal protection courses.

My basic philosophy in the business of selling anything is that I will not and never have sold "junk" just to make a buck. Everything I have ever sold I either used personally or knew reliable people who did who said the item was good to go. Most of the people who I sell to are depending on these items to keep them alive. If that piece of equipment is junk and fails in an emergency it could get someone hurt or killed...it is something I would never want to live with so I only sell what I would personally carry or use. New items will sometimes replace old standbys...that is simply progress. 

At this time I can take cash, check or PayPal. PayPal can not be used for magazines over 10 rounds however. If you change your mind on an item it can be returned as long as it is in original condition and in the original packaging. If an item is defective it must then be sent to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. This is a very "low tech" business and I plan on keeping it that way. You can order items by calling or emailing. If you are a member of the NRA, GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, active or retired military, police or fire please let me know as there may be further discounts available or free shipping on certain items. 

Shipping: Most items will go out within 48 hours of the receipt of an order. If there is going to be a delay due to weather or being out of town you will be so advised at the time of the order. Most orders will go USPS Priority Mail.
If you wish the item to be insured an additional fee will be quoted.

Thank you for shopping here..I will do my best to make sure you are pleased with your item...